Are you making the most of your remote work flexibility?

Life is short.Remote work flexibility is the biggest change to how we work in over 100 years.For the first time, millions of people no longer need to be tethered to the office.For the first time, many people can truly work wherever they want.So what will you do with your freedom?How To Be a Digital Nomad and Work Wherever You Want is a comprehensive full-length guide to taking your first workation, remote work holiday, or nomad adventure.

Culture is changing.

Every week, a new company decides to let its employees work wherever they want.If you are one of these employees, the opportunity to design your life and live wherever you want is within your grasp.If you don't yet have remote work freedom, the ability to negotiate a new arrangement or switch jobs is available to you.

Technology is changing.

You can host a conference call from halfway around the world in high-resolution video.You can use collaboration software to make decisions, deliver value, and collaborate effectively — without physical colocation.You can leverage the tools available to you to be a remote worker or entrepreneur who is 100% effective working from any location in the world — say goodbye to the office.

Regulations are changing.

In 2019, remote workers and digital nomads operated in a grey area.
Remote work in foreign countries was conducted on tourist visas with a wink and a nod.
Not any more.Legal digital nomad and remote work visas allow you and your family to take a workation in a different country — completely above board.

Start planning your escape today.

Remote work has created the biggest shift in 100 years in how we work.That's right.Remember the invention of computers?The Internet?Smartphones?Those were just warm-up rounds that enabled the latest seismic earthquake in how we live and work.For the first time in history, you don't need to be physically located close to your job or source of economic opportunity.In this easy-to-digest book, I share everything I know about planning, executing, and transitioning to life as a remote worker abroad.You’ll learn:

  • What the term 'digital nomad' means, why I think it's cheesy, and how you can get past the jargon to think about the underlying principles of location independence

  • Different paths to becoming a digital nomad

  • Finding your purpose

  • Choosing a digital nomad destination in South America, Europe, Asia, and more

  • Tips and tricks for living life as a remote worker abroad

  • Best practices for being an effective remote worker with teammates and clients

  • A long-term strategy for adopting the digital nomad lifestyle

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